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Develop biology science fair projects that have a biology theme from topics that include cellular structures, reproduction, behavior, natural selection, heredity, and genetics.

Holiday Nature Walk Kit ideas and activities…

A great holiday activity is to go for a nature walk. Nature Walk Kits by Young Scientists will provide you with what you need to explore nature at any time of the year. Learn about what animals and plants thrive in the winter and compare your results to data collected during the spring and summer.

Train your goldfish to do tricks for holiday parties…

Entertaining guests at a holiday party is a challenge. This year instead of having the kids do their normal routines, let them wow your family and friends with their trained goldfish. Goldfish science fair project kit provides kids with the items needed to train a goldfish to complete a number of underwater tricks. Kids and […]

What Makes Microscopes Perfect Holiday / Christmas Gifts?

What Makes Microscopes Perfect Holiday / Christmas Gifts?

Each year the holiday break from school comes and goes. Most of the time this break is wasted on television and video games. This year challenge your kids to explore their world over winter break. Provide them with a student microscope and let them explore the microscopic world that follows holiday items. Kids can study […]

What are uncommon science fair projects?

 What are uncommon science fair projects?  One of the problems that a lot of students face when they enter a science fair for the first time is that their project is just like a dozen other students’ projects. This happens because students generally focus on the same science concepts and issues, and because many students […]

Secrets of Calcium in Foods

Calcium Rich Food Chart

Did you know that pure calcium is a silver-gray metal that is soft enough to easily cut with a knife? It burns with an intense red flame, and when in powered form it reacts violently with water to release free hydrogen. Although one of the most common elements on Earth, it is never found in […]

Human Eye Rods & Cones w Gene Therapy

Did you know that the human eyes have 130 million rods that detect light in low-level conditions but don’t perceive color or fine details? There are 7 other million cones that cluster in the middle of the retina. When either fails, people lose sight in all or part of the visible spectrum. Good news: In […]

What Color Are You?

You will have fun doing this online-name color science fair project. This is so easy. 1. Ask your teacher if you can take 15 mintues to do a quick one questionnaire for your science fair project with the class. 2. If yes, ask the students to write on a piece of paper their first name […]

Super Science Fair Projects: Bird Projects for Spring

This is the perfect time of year to do field work for your super science fair projects. The weather is warm, the sun is out and animals and plants are plentiful. One of the easiest observational projects that you can do to learn about scientific field work is to observe your local bird populations. To […]

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You may be aware that your hair says a lot about you. Your hairstyle is used to express your personality, your hair color can hint to your ethnic background and the length and texture can also allude to your gender. However, did you know that your hair can also tell scientists where you live? A […]