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Botany science fair project ideas studies plant life and is all about the exploration of the wonders of plants.

Seed Germination and Plant Growth Science Fair Project

Seed Germination and Plant Growth Science Fair Project

Seed germination and plant growth science fair project analyzes the relationship between exposure to music and plant growth. Does Mozart Have a Green Thumb? By Kathleen Small Question Will exposure to music help plants grow? Further, what kind of music will help plants grow the best? I. Research Plants grow to thrive: sun, water, air, […]

Musical Beans Science Fair Projects Report

Musical Beans Science Fair Projects

Will Justin’s musical beans science fair projects prove that Rock ‘N Roll music makes beans grow the best? Name: Justin Age: 10 Saskatchewan, Canada Name of Project: “Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit” HYPOTHESIS My hypothesis is that the rock music will make the beans grow and produce the best. “A hypothesis must compare two variables. […]

High School Evergreen Science Fair Project Abstract

Evergreen Science Fair Project

Objective of High School Evergreen Science Fair Project The fall colors we see in trees are hidden throughout the summer by the pigment chlorophyll. But there are other pigments within the leaves that reveal themselves as the chlorophyll breaks down. Those pigments are xanthophylls (yellow), carotenoids (yellow, orange, red), and anthocyanins (red). I wanted to […]

Plant biology science fair project idea…

Plant Biology Science Fair Project Ideas

Every year students have the opportunity to create, experiment and defend their own plant biology science fair project idea. These projects can deal with anything that that a student is interested in from botany to electronics. However, if you want your science fair project to stand out and to impress the judges you need to […]

Photosynthesis Project Boards and Your Project

Photosynthesis Project Boards

While you may not think that this is the best time of year to complete photosynthesis project boards and your science fair experiment, the fall is actually a great time to conduct plant experiments. I know you don’t want to think about Autumn, but summer is closing down in a couple of weeks and you […]

Hydrogarden Science Fair Projects

Hydroponics Science Fair Projects

Hydrogarden science fair projects are among the things that make science fun and interesting. It is entirely easy to start this kind of project. As a matter of fact, even students in grade school can do it and they will definitely have a great learning experience. A Set of Simple Ideas to Start With When […]

Tips for Starting an Aquaponics Garden

The main reason why many people have started to grow their own produce is due to the fact that they will know that the produce that they are consuming is 100% organic. I am not questioning the various producers of organic produce on the authenticity of their products, but I prefer to be 100% sure […]

What types of plants work well for science fair projects?

What types of plants work well for science fair projects? This is a very common question that students ask when they are presented with the task of completing a science fair project. The answer to this question is not as simple as it may first seem. After all the student needs to take into consideration […]

Saving Our Rare Plants

Saving Rare Plants

Today I visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens in Northbrook, IL, a beautiful, amazing vast space filled with flowers, vegetables, trees, waterfalls, small lakes, natural prairie woods and walking paths, information centers, hothouses and much more. My friends and I had been walking for over an hour when we came across a new building called, Plant […]