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Candy science fair projects are always popular with students especially when you can eat your experiment!.

Holiday activities for kids interested in science…

Winter break is the perfect time for kids to explore science independently of their classmates and teachers. Independent exploration of science helps kids to find topics that they are interested in, as well as to develop skills that will help them to become better students in the future. While this sounds like an easy thing […]

Candy science fair projects need to be designed for interest and innovation…

Candy bar science has traditionally focused on how candy was made. Thousands of students each year design candy science fair projects that demonstrate how sugar undergoes transformations during the candy making process. Many others simply use rock candy experiments to show how sugar crystallizes from a solution. While these project ideas may result in a […]

Holiday Candy Science Fair Projects

Last week we talked about putting together a fall/winter photosynthesis science fair project, and this week I’d like to talk about a sweeter science fair project topic, candy. Since this is the time of year that candy and candy making ingredients are found in abundance, it is the perfect time of year for candy science […]