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Smoke, smells and physical property transformations are what chemistry is all about.

Crystals Science Fair Project

Crystals Science Fair Project

Ioana’s crystals science fair project tested to see which of three temperatures would grow the largest and most crystals. Ioana Class: 11H Bucharest, Romania Hypothesis I believe that the glass that has been in the fridge will form larger more crystals than the ones that have been on the counter top and ice bath, as […]

Snap It Now With Videoscopes for Microscopes

Microscope Video Cameras

Have fun with videoscopes for microscopes that are mounted in the place of the ocular lens and are then connected to a computer. They allow the viewers to have a live image of the specimen in its current magnification on the right in the computer monitor. The functions of the microscope are intact but the […]

Sunscreen SPF Science Fair Abstract – Super Science Fair Projects

Sunscreen SPF Science Fair Abstract

Sunscreen SPF Science Fair Abstract reports on whether or not a higher sunscreen SPF will be more effective at protecting against UV rays. Jordan Age 9 Colorado, USA HYPOTHESIS A higher sunscreen SPF will be more effective at protecting against UV rays. MATERIALS Color Changing UV Beads Sunscreen: SPF 4 SPF 15 SPF 30 SPF […]

Does salt, sugar, or pepper cause ice to melt faster?

What makes ice melt the fastest: Salt:?Pepper? Sugar?

Question: Hi my name is Dana and I am a year 10 student, I was just wondering if you could help me answer one of the questions I am stuck on for my science assignment. I wanted to know whether ice melts faster with salt, sugar, pepper or water on its own. I’ve been searching for […]

Adventure sports are examined in unique chemistry science fair projects…

Many students think that science fair projects are boring and tedious. However, this is only because they think that their projects are limited to the same tired old topics that have been done a thousand times. This is not the case. When developing a science fair project you need to think outside of the box […]

Producing organic chemicals with inorganic chemcial reactions..

 Historically organic chemistry was believed to be unique to living things. However, this was disproved in 1828 when an organic compound known as urea was produced in an inorganic chemical reaction between ammonia and cyanate.  Findings that disprove science “facts” can be a way to win an online science fair contest.

Defining chemistry phrases for students…

  Chemistry is divided into two basic categories, organic and inorganic. Organic chemistry deals with carbon compounds and living things. Inorganic chemistry deals with basically everything else. The EDU-8355 Super Chem 120 Science Kit will help kids to explore chemistry in the kitchen and can be used to create a science fair project.