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Classroom science projects can be completed by individuals or groups and include the scientific method.

Science lessons in a box…

Young Scientist Club Curriculum is a product line that caters to the needs of teachers. These products are classroom science projects in a box. Just select a topic you want your students to explore, purchase the YSCC kit related to that topic and you are ready for a great learning experience. Everything that you need […]

Electronic projects focus on solar energy…

Energy continues to be an important science concept for the 2011-2012 school year. This means that electronic scifair projects are also going to be hot. To get your students ready for these projects start collecting information on solar energy panels and generators to help brief your students on the application of this technology.

What are some really fast science fair projects?

What are some really fast science fair projects? This is perhaps the most commonly asked question about science fair projects. Most students ask this question because they either have waited until the last minute to complete their project or because they do not want to spend a lot of time working on their project. In […]

How do you calculate the amount of energy that a windmill produces?

How do you calculate the amount of energy that a windmill produces? This is a question that is often the focus of windmill science fair projects. The answer will help the student to determine if their hypothesis was correct or incorrect. In order to determine how much energy a windmill produces several factors have to […]

Topics for large chemistry science fair experiments for class projects…

Whole class science fair projects are a fun way to work together as a class to solve a problem. These class projects can look at big science issues like global warming, or simple science concepts like solubility. No matter what your class decides to do, remember that the project is a team effort and that […]