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Electricity science fair projects explores naturally occurring in life forms as well as in inorganic system.

Batteries for Science Fair Projects | Battery Science Experiments

Batteries for Science Fair Projects

See which name brand battery last the longest when you do batteries for science fair projects. Parth 14 yrs old – 1st year High School India Hypothesis Different brands of batteries will last for different amounts of time and the higher the price of the battery, the longer it will last. Also, batteries refrigerated for […]

How do you make a small windmill for a science fair project?

How do you make a small windmill for a science fair project? Windmills have been used for centuries to harness the power of the wind to do work. In the past they have been used to power grain and wood mills, as well as to draw water up from wells. Today the application of windmills […]

How to demonstrate the amount of current in a circuit

How to Measure Current with Multimeter

Question: My 6th grader wants to determine which wire has the most current in a circuit for her science fair project because she picked the question, “Which wire conducts the most electricity”? She picked that because my husband is an electrician but we can’t figure out how to test this at her level. This is […]

Winning Alternative Energy Science Fair Projects: The Rewards Are Getting Bigger

Teacher's Alternative Energy Training Conference

Right now the hottest trend in high school science fairs is alternative energy projects. Sponsors of high school science fairs are offering special prizes and incentives to students to focus on alternative energy subjects and to really be innovative. Because of the quality of prizes offered by sponsors for superior alternative energy science fair projects, […]

Electricity Science Fair Projects – Keeping It Safe

Electricity Science Fair Projects

One of the hottest science fair project genres today is electricity science fair projects. These projects address both the basic scientific concepts related to electricity, as well as the application of these concepts to modern problems. However, one of my main concerns when working with kids and electricity is safety. There are a lot of […]

Learn About The Different Aspects of Electricity

Different Aspects of Electricity Science Fair Projects

The science of electricity is exciting, but when developing science fair projects it is easy to turn this interesting topic into a boring demonstration of concepts that millions of students have done before. One of the best ways to create a competitive advantage when developing an electricity science fair project is to focus on the […]

What kind of energy does a wind turbine produce?

What kind of energy does a windmill produce?

What kind of energy does a wind turbine produce? When you are working on a windmill science fair project you need to be familiar with two types of energy, mechanical and electrical energy. Each type of energy is produced by different processes. While each energy type is unique, they are also connected. Mechanical Energy The […]