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Electronics science fair projects include topics like circuits, robotics, volts, amps, amp meters, work and resistance.

Future of Engineering Technology

The Future of Engineering Technology

What is the future of engineering technology? Will the next generation be the smartest ever! Even the most tech savvy person has a hard time keeping up to date on the latest technologies as engineering improves at lightning speed. With online courses improving so much over the last five years it is hard to even […]

MX-909 500-in-1 Electronic Lab

After a hypothesis has been selected for your science fair project your next step is to figure out an experiment that will allow you to test your hypothesis. For example, if your hypothesis is that the material a wire is made up of impacts the resistance of an electrical current then you will need to […]

MX-908 300-in-1 Electronic Lab

There are specific steps that you need to take when developing a hypothesis for your electronics themed science fair projects. The first step is to select a topic related to electronics. Then you will need to ask questions about this topic that you are interested in the answers. For example, you may want to know […]

MX-907 200-in-1 Electronic Lab

There are hundreds of possible electronics science fair projects that you can complete. However, before you can develop an award winning science fair project that utilizes electronics you first need to understand the basic concepts of electronics. Once these basic concepts are masters, through reading and basic projects, like the ones offered by the MX-907 […]

MX-906 Electronic Lab

What do robots, light bulbs and computers all have in common? They all use electricity. If you are interested in putting together a science fair project that involves robots, light bulbs or computers, then you first need to explore the science concepts that are related to the generation and application of electricity. Electricity and electronics […]

MX-905 75-in-1 Electronic Lab

Do you know how a circuit works? Do you know how to make a light bulb glow brighter or dimmer? If the answer to these two questions is “no” then you need to brush up on the basics of electricity, especially if you are interested in putting together an electronic or electricity themed science fair […]

EP-50 Electronic Playground – Learn More About Electricity

Science fair season is in high gear now and students are scrambling for ideas. Since electricity is a hot topic for a wide variety of science fair projects, it is a science concept that needs to be explored by students before their hypothesis is developed. The concepts that related to electricity include volts, resistors, transistors, […]