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Engage in discussions that are suitable for 4th grade science fair projects such development, plant biology and basic heredity.

Interesting science experiments for newsies…

Science Fair Project: What makes newspaper flammable?

Newspaper science fair projects are generally pretty innovative. After all you have to develop interesting science experiments using newspaper for something other than what it was designed for. If you are ready for innovative and interesting science fair projects, then try out these great sample projects and see what ideas you can come up with […]

Science Fair Projects on Dog Food

Science Fair projects on Dog Food

Science fair projects on dog food can be gross, scientific, fun or technical. There are a lot of angles that your food experiments can take. However, to get the best reaction possible from the judges at your local science fair, you need to develop a great project that not only is informative, but that is […]

Ten 4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

Look at ten 4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas submitted by Jordan to the Summer Science Fair Contest. Jordan Age 9 Colorado, USA Science Fair Project Ideas – 1st Prize Winner of the Summer Science Fair Contest Project #1 Ideas – Biology – Life Sciences – Anatomy Science Fair Projects – Human’s Internal Clocks Question […]