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Discover how to do a green science fair project by looking at different ways to contribute to the earth as leave less of a footprint.

Dishwasher Disposal – How To Make Your Household Waste ‘Green’

How To Make Your Garbage Disposal Green

Problems can develop in all areas of our life, inconveniencing us by disrupting our daily routines. Whilst we may have survived without a number of these appliances in previous years, nowadays many of us would struggle to manage even the most basic of household tasks alone, making these appliances integral components of our home. When […]

Eat Wisely and Cut Down Your Carbon Emission

How to Reduce Food Carbon Footprint

It is quite common nowadays to find the term ‘food miles’ buzzing around the media, even though some people do not quite understand what exactly this means. Here is the concept: food miles determines the distance that fruit and veg cover in order to reach the other side of the planet and stock our local […]

Domestic Water Conservation

Domestic Water Saving Tips

It’s fair to say that water usage in our home can become a little excessive from time to time; many of us may know a family member or fellow resident that takes that extra half hour in the shower, cleans dishes under a constantly flowing tap. This is forgivable once in a blue moon, but […]

Middle School Acid Rain & Seed Germination Science Fair Project

Effects of Acid Rain on Seed Germination Middle School Science Fair Project

The objective if the middle school acid rain and seed germination science fair project experiment is to examine the effect of acid rain and its components on seed germination, and compare it with the effect of untreated water. What is acid rain? Acid rain is a byproduct of air pollution. Third Place Hypothesis My hypotheses […]

Near Infrared Photography Science Fair Project Abstract

Digital Photography Science Fair Project

Read the abstract, Near Infrared Photography Science Fair Project, designed to Detect Stress in Plants. GO GREEN WITH RED: A Study Using Near Infrared Photography to Detect Stress in Plants Home School – High School Level San Angelo, Texas Many toxins are used to manage disease, insects, and environmental factors in crops and other plant […]

Our Changing Climate and Its Effects on Environment

Climate Change article and video

Oceans are becoming warmer, sea levels are rising, the hole of the ozone layer is getting increased day by day, the glaciers are getting melted – so, our climate is changing, and no doubt, this is not a progressive change – a change that we are not looking forward to! Right from the polar bears […]

Truth and Lies in Solar Energy Solutions

Truth and Lies About Solar Energy Solutions

Truth and Lies in Solar Energy Solutions When speaking of solar energy, it can be hard to identify what are true and what are false statements about solar power. Individuals in favor of solar power claim it is the energy source of the future. Individuals against solar power say the technology can never replace traditional […]

Carbon Free Housing – It’s Closer Than You Think

Carbon Free Housing – It’s Closer Than You Think

Around the United States, homes are using up 23 percent of the total energy use, and are also responsible for 18 percent of our carbon emissions. Those living in cities like Chicago, where they are confronted with great extremes in temperature, often find heating and cooling bills to be as unbearable as the weather itself. […]

Vehicle to Grid and Why Electric Cars Will Fix the Power Crisis

Vehicle to Grid and Why Electric Cars Will Fix the Power Crisis

This article on green technology is brought to you by HirePulse, an excellent site for businesses and contractors to get together, especially mining contractors. Visit us today to learn more. As we move towards the future of having electric cars as the main type of vehicle on the roads an extra benefit has been realized […]

What Can An Extra Few Inches Do For Eddie Stobart’s Enviro-Trailers?

What Can An Extra Few Inches Do For Eddie Stobart’s Enviro-Trailers?

In actual fact it’s up to an extra 2 metres that Stobart now has available to them as part of a new trial which is set to cut carbon emissions, boost the economy and reduce congestion on UK roads. Eddie Stobart has recently completed the first ever delivery in the UK using new ‘Enviro-Trailers’, which […]