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Health science news addresses topics on medicine, physiology and biology and are traditionally taught as an extension of physical education.

8th Graders on Hand Washing Health Facts

Hand Sanitizer vs Bacteria Science Fair Project

8th graders on hand washing health facts can be a great project to jump start your creative juices prior to a science fair. This is a very basic project, but it can be used to help you learn how to conduct scientific research, how to write a report, how to create an effective display board […]

Super Science Fair Projects Respond to Possible Threat of Plastic Food Containers

How much plastic do we eat in a day?

This week I’d like to talk about a science news story that both alarmed me and intrigued me. The story is based on findings that people all over the world are eating 5 grams of plastic a day. That is equivalent to a plastic credit card a week! In a new study (pdf), commissioned by […]

What science fair projects can I do with a hamster or a rat?

What science fair projects can I do with a hamster or a rat? This question is often asked of students that are interested in zoology science fair projects. While there are multiple types of science fair projects that can use hamsters or rats, it is important to remember that these animals are living things that […]