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The holidays can be a great time to develop science fair projects and conduct experiments.

Science Holiday Activities for Kids

Science Holiday Activities for Kids

Winter break is the perfect time to explore science holiday activities for kids. Young Scientist who are interested in science love to explore independent projects rather then always working within the confines of classroom and teachers’ assignments. Independent exploration of science helps kids to find topics that they are interested in, as well as to […]

Super Science Fair Projects for Winter Break

Science Fair Projects Over Winter Break

It is hard to believe, but the year is almost over and it is time to look at science fair projects for winter break! That means the kids will be out of school for a couple of weeks and you will be dealing with rough winter weather and boredom. Luckily science is here to save […]

Science Themed Gift Ideas

Science Themed Gift Ideas

Today is December 5, only 20 days left until Christmas and if you are still looking for science themed gift ideas for the young scientists on your shopping list, then this blog is for you. This week’s blog will give you a few science themed gift ideas. The first gift idea is to give a […]

3D Skeleton and model kits for making the holidays interesting…

3D Skeleton and Model Kits

If your kids are interested in science then consider providing them with 3D skeleton and model kits that will allow them to assemble skeletons and 3D models. Keeping the kids busy over Thanksgiving or winter break is a challenge that most parents dread. If your kids are interested in science then consider providing them with […]

Holiday Chromatography Science Fair Projects

Holiday Food Chromatography Science Fair Projects

This week I’d like to talk about another holiday project that you can work on, holiday chromatography science fair projects. Chromatography, if you don’t already know, is a very simple process that involves the separation of colors or particles in a solution using a special paper. This process is used to determine components of dyes […]

Robo holiday projects to the rescue…

Build a Brushbot for a Robo Holiday Project

Do you have your robo holiday projects ready to keep your kids busy? The holiday season is upon us and soon kids will be taking several breaks from school. To keep them entertained and away from the television try out a Brushbot kit. This kit will provide hours of entertainment and educational fun. And it […]

Halloween Scary Science Fair Project Ideas

Halloween Science Fair Project Ideas

Halloween is in 2 more weeks, so my mind naturally goes towards the supernatural and scary science fair project ideas. If you are interested in completing a science fair project that is unique, fun and scary all at the same time, then consider designing a Halloween themed science fair project. You have a lot of […]