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It May Be a Sputnik Moment, but Science Fairs Are Lagging

Rarely have school science fairs, a source of pride and panic for generations of American students, achieved such prominence on the national stage.  President Obama held one at the White House last fall. And last week he said that America should celebrate its science fair winners like Sunday’s Super Bowl champions, or risk losing the […]

Teacher’s Weighed Down with Requirements

It is disheartening to hear that so many American students are going above and beyond the required work for their courses by participating in science fair contests. I question, however, the teachers who are ‘burdened’ by state requirements to explain such simple things as the ‘parts of a cell.’ Evidently, these weighty topics prevent them from […]

Is Electronics on the Rise?

Actually, the Academy of Science-St. Louis Science Fair, co-sponsored by MEMC Electronics & Monsanto, is on the rise! Over than 250 schools show a 50% increase in Honors Fair students  in 2010. The keys are parents who capture the “I wonder” questions their children have and encourage them to turn their question in   into projects; schools that recognize the value […]

1st Teacher to Organize Science Fairs in Michigan

Hi Madeline! Thank you for contacting me regarding the activities on your site. Our kid is grown now, but I still like getting the emails & forward to promote supersciencefair projects to other parents & teachers. My father, Charles Harvey Courtney (CHC) said that science fairs were talked about by science teachers, during the WWII […]

How Important Are Walnuts in Your Diet?

Incorporating walnuts into your diet may help you handle stress better, new research suggests. Walnuts and walnut oil help reduce blood pressure during stressful situations because of the omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds they contain, according to a study by a team of scientists at Penn State University. Researchers looked at 22 healthy adult […]