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Microbiology is a subject that explores particles, life forms and cells that focus on the microscopic.

10th Grade Microbiology Science Fair Projects

Surface & Water Microbes Science Fair Projects | Surface & Water Microbiology Experimenter Kit

10th grade microbiology science fair projects can range from very basic molecular biology science experiments to extremely advanced biochemistry experiments. While many people think that in order to win a science fair they need the most complex project at the fair, this is not the case. Simpler projects that are well executed are going to […]

Is Your Bottled Water Contaminated With Bacteria?

Is Your Bottled Water Contaminated with Bacteria?

Did you know that nearly a third of all bottled drinking water purchased in the US is contaminated with bacteria? You can find out for yourself doing a science microbiology science fair project with the water microbes science fair project! The FDA allows set levels of the following chemical contaminants in all bottled water. Amounts […]

Does Your Drinking Water Have Mircoplastic Particles In It?

Does Your Bottled Drinking Water Contain Microplastic Particles?

STORY AT-A-GLANCE Tests disclose that bottled drinking water contains nearly twice as many microplastic particles per liter as tap water. The contamination is thought to originate from the manufacturing process of the bottles and caps. Researchers tested 259 bottles of 11 popular bottled drinking water brands for the presence of microscopic plastic. On average, the […]

Teeth Brushing Bacteria Science Fair Project Abstract

teeth brushing bacteria science fair project

In the teeth brushing bacteria science fair project, 9 year old Jason from Colorado in the USA wanted to know if taking an extra minute to brush his teeth made a difference in the amount of bacteria that remained in his mouth. Here is an excellent, inexpensive safe grow microbiology kit for both classroom and […]