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The Parents section is where you will find information that will help you to help your child develop their projects and to become excited about science.

Robo-holiday projects to the rescue…

The holiday season is upon us and soon kids will be taking several breaks from school. To keep them entertained and away from the television try out Robotic Arm Edge kits. These kits will provide hours of entertainment and educational fun. Your kids can even design and build their own robot for wrapping or unwrapping […]

Parents and teachers, who does your childs or student’s science fair project?

During science fair project time, parents call to ask questions about purchasing a kit for their child or to ask a question about a kit that they already purchased. The following is a very typical conversation and this one occurred this last Thursday. The names of the people have been changed. A mother called me […]

Moms & Dads – How Can You Help Your Children with Science Fair Projects?

Is it me or do these science fair projects get harder and harder each year? They’re supposed to be cool science fair projects, but the problem is, much of the work gets left on us – Moms and Dads! If I hadn’t discovered the secret to a winning science fair project, I wouldn’t have stood […]