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Physics is the study the laws of the universe where you learn about gravity, mass, matter and energy.

How to Build a Hovercraft Out of Found Materials

How to Build a Hovercraft

Goal: How to build a hovercraft out of “found” materials that could be used to transport a heavy backpack full of school books. Tyle Life Science BackPack On A Leash How it works: We are using a gas leaf blower to power our hovercraft. The blower forces air at the approximate rate of 150 cubic feet […]

Physics science fair projects for aspiring rocket scientists…

Science fair projects with balloons and rockets can tackle several science topics. You can develop physics science fair projects that look at propulsion systems or the physics of rocket aerodynamics. No matter what you are interested in you will have fun working on these experiments. Have fun with the following sample projects! Does the size […]