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Science fair project ideas is where you will find sample projects, hypothesis recommendations and other topics related to developing a project.

Pharming Dangerous to Farming

Industrial Farming

Last Friday I came across a news article that I think would make a great escalator for science classroom discussions. This news article discussed pharming. Pharming is a process by which scientists alter the genes of a plant in order to produce new drugs. This is not a new science issue, as it was experimented […]

Science Experiments: Finding Inspiration

Brainstorming Science Fair Project Ideas

Science experiments come in all shapes and sizes. When selecting a science experiment you don’t want to rely on the same tired old ones. To keep your kids or students excited about science, occasionally you have to work outside the box. Finding new ideas for your classroom demonstration that are new, innovative and topical, means […]

How Can Pinterest Help You To Do Your Science Fair Project?

SuperScience Fair Projects on Pinterest

The Internet really is a great tool for students who are attempting a new science fair project this year. While students are familiar with most of these resources, they may not be aware of the new resource known as Pinterest. If you are a student who is just starting a science fair journey, then these […]

What science fair projects can I do on cancer?

 What science fair projects can I do on cancer?  Cancer science fair projects are good options for students that either know someone that is dealing with cancer or that is dealing with it on a personal level. Here the projects will focus on the prevention, treatment or recovery from the cancer. This type of project […]

Sample Science Fair Projects

You are now about half way through your winter break. Have you come up with your science fair project idea yet? If not don’t worry. You still have about a week to come up with an idea and to conduct your initial research. One strategy that you can use to come up with an idea […]

Develop Ideas for Science Fairs

The year is almost over and before you know it your science fair project will be due. With your winter break now in front of you, you have plenty of time to research topics and to come up with a great idea for your entry into upcoming science fairs.  However, if you are going to […]

24-hour Science Fair Projects for When You Are in a Hurry

This week I’d like to start a new blog series on science fair project ideas. This week I’ll be talking about ideas for 24-hour science fair projects that involve cell phones and elliptical machines. Both of these items can be found in many homes, at school or at a local store. The first science fair […]

Kids Science Fair Projects: Science Fiction or Science Fact?

This week I’d like us all to think outside of the box when thinking up terrific science fair projects. To do this I’d like you to think about your favorite science fiction novel or television series. What theories and concepts do these sources use that have yet to be applied to modern living. For example, […]

Science Fair Project Ideas

Last week we started a series on how to generate science fair project ideas. Today I’d like to continue this discussion. Today’s idea generation strategy is going to look at using your surroundings as inspiration for a project. The first place that you will want to look for inspiration for science project ideas is around […]

School Science Fair Projects: Using the Internet to Generate Ideas

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months talking about science in the news. Today I’d like to talk to you about how to come up with a great science fair idea using the Internet. These strategies are simple and just about anyone with internet access can use them. The first thing […]