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Science fair project ideas is where you will find sample projects, hypothesis recommendations and other topics related to developing a project.

Scientific Method for Kids: Science Fiction or Science Fact?

How to Use Fiction to Springboard Science Fair Ideas

This week I’d like us all to think outside of the box when thinking up terrific science fair projects and think of using the scientific method for kids using science fiction. I’d like you to think about your favorite science fiction novel or television series. What theories and concepts do these sources use that have […]

Science Fair Project Ideas Around Your Home

Science Fair Ideas in Your Garden

Now is the time to start thinking about science fair project ideas around your home. Get ahead of the game instead of being in a panic the last minute. The world around you is in abundance with science fair ideas. Here are some to help you to get started. Today’s idea generation strategy is going […]

Virutal Science Fair Ideas and Help

Making Your Home Green

Today I’d like to discuss tips for virtual science fair ideas focusing on making your home green. This information can be used to help your students develop their science project entry for the category, environmental science. There are a lot of ways that you can transform your home into a “green home.” To start with […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll: Using Student Interests for Science Fair Project Ideas

One of the ways that I have found to get kids interested in science is to relate it to something that they are interested in. For teenagers three of the most fascinating topics are sex, drugs and rock and roll. While you may have to be careful about approaching these topics, they can be used […]

13 Science Fair Project Ideas – Big Questions & Hypotheses

13 Science Fair Project Ideas

Look at the 13 science fair project ideas for your science fair project by looking at this list of 13 big questions, hypotheses and materials lists. Big Question Why do certain compounds can be changed from one physical state to another and can gain their original state back again. Hypothesis Water can be converted into […]

10 Science Fair Project Ideas for 8th Graders

Science Fair Project Ideas for 8th Graders

You have to see Megan’s award winning science fair project ideas for 8th graders. Project #1 – WHICH WASHES? Ideas – Biology – Human Psychology – Science Fair Projects: Hand Washing Problem – Hand washing is important; but who is cleaner, men or women? Who washes their hands the most, men or women? Hypothesis – […]

Ten 8th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

Ten 8th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

Look at Megan’s prize winning 8th grade science fair project ideas that include the problem statement, hypothesis and materials. Megan Grade 8 – Homeschooled Texas, USA A List of Science Fair Project Ideas for the Summer 2007 Contest 1st Prize Winner of the Summer Science Fair Contest Project #1 – PECULIAR POPCORN Topics – chemistry […]

How Can Pinterest Help You To Do Your Science Fair Project?

SuperScience Fair Projects on Pinterest

The Internet really is a great tool for students who are attempting a new science fair project this year. While students are familiar with most of these resources, they may not be aware of the new resource known as Pinterest. If you are a student who is just starting a science fair journey, then these […]

Pharming Dangerous to Farming

Industrial Farming

Last Friday I came across a news article that I think would make a great escalator for science classroom discussions. This news article discussed pharming. Pharming is a process by which scientists alter the genes of a plant in order to produce new drugs. This is not a new science issue, as it was experimented […]

Science Experiments: Finding Inspiration

Brainstorming Science Fair Project Ideas

Science experiments come in all shapes and sizes. When selecting a science experiment you don’t want to rely on the same tired old ones. To keep your kids or students excited about science, occasionally you have to work outside the box. Finding new ideas for your classroom demonstration that are new, innovative and topical, means […]