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Water Purification Science Fair Project Abstract

Water Purification Science Fair Project

Read 6 year old Chinmayi’s water purification science fair project abstract that she did to find out why she got sick from being in a river in India it. Chinmayi 6 years Maharashtra, India You can download Chinmayi’s Water Purification Science Fair Project Timeline and Science Log here. INTRODUCTION During my vacation, I went to […]

Science Fair Project on Media Violence – Science Fair Research Paper

The Physical and Psychological Effects of Watching Media Violence

You can read the abstract on Violent Video Games here… Introduction Scientists now understand that during the stress response an important chemical system becomes activated. Researchers have labeled this system the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis). When a situation is perceived as stressful, a deep brain structure called the hypothalamus releases a hormone called CRF, which […]