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Science fairs in the news talks about fairs around the world and the projects that have won prizes.

Kyoto University Chimps & College Students Memory Experiment

The chimpanzee Ai and her infant Ayumu at 2 years and 4 months. Both are engaged in their own computer task inside a testing booth (Photo by Mainichi Newspaper)

Kyoto University in Japan had college students and chimps match wits with a number game. Although this experiment dates back to 2007, it is still very interesting and though you would like to know about it. What the results showed was truly surprising. The experiment went like this. Both the college students and the chimps […]

Classroom Hydro Experiments

Classroom Hydro Experiments

Water is a great compound to use for classroom hydro experiments because it is cheap, free in most cases, and because it is a relative safe compound to work with. However, while these logistical features make water a practical ingredient to experiment with, but there is more to water than meets the eye. Water has […]

Independent science fair projects inspire the next generation of scientists…

Unschooling is a new educational phenomenon that is quickly gaining popularity among parents that are tired of the failures of public school systems to meet the educational needs of their children. Unschooling refers to a type of homeschooling that allows the child to direct their education so that it reflects what they are interested in. […]