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The scientific method is generally introduced to students in the third grade and the posts explore this science technique for finding relationships between two things.

The Scientific Method Concludes with Suggestions for Further Research

The final step in the scientific method is to make suggestions about what research still needs to be done. This step is important because it highlights the limitations of your findings and focus other researchers efforts on what you think still needs to be explored. Some students skimp on this section, but you don’t want […]

Drawing Conclusions for Your Super Science Fair Projects

This week we are going to talk about the next step in creating super science fair projects, drawing your conclusions. Your conclusions are going to be based on your data analysis, that you conducted in the last step, as well as on the background research your conducted earlier. This is a very important step in […]

Science Fair Project Experiments: Collecting Your Data

Last week we designed our science fair project’s experiment, and this week we are going to complete the experiment. During this step of the scientific method you will be doing two things, (1) completing your experiments and (2) collecting data. This step can take anywhere from a few minutes to several months depending on the […]

Science Experiment Designs

If you have been following this blog this month then you have already learned how to develop a hypothesis and how to conduct your background research. This week we are moving on to the next step in the scientific method, designing your experiment. This step is one that you need to pay close attention to, […]