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The summer science activities section is for students and parents can get ideas for educational activities, projects and experiments.

Having Fun Getting Started With Your Science Fair Project During The Summer

Summer Science Fair Projects

Science is all around you. Whether you get inspired by the plants and animals as you go out for walks in the countryside or find visits to museums, planetariums, zoos or aquariums a fascinating way to find out about things like dinosaurs or animals at the zoo, make it an adventure to learn how things […]

Children’s Educational Toys and Science Fair Science Kits

Summer is when we all get a little more active. If you are looking for ideas for your middle school science fair projects then consider looking at your summer activities using science fair science kits. For example, you can examine the mechanics of your summer sports, you can look at why your boat stays afloat […]

Science Fair Success and Summer Projects

Summer vacation is already nearly a third of the way over. Now is the time when summer boredom starts to set in. You can eliminate your summer boredom by conducting your own summer science fair projects. One type of summer project that you can work on is a plant project. If you have a backyard […]

Composition of a Medieval Replica Sword: Inspiration for Science Fair Projects

Over the last several weeks we have talked about fun summer activities that you can do while on summer vacation. Today I’d like to continue this discussion by talking about Medieval science fair projects that you can do this summer. These projects will not only hone your science skills, but they will also help you […]

Science Fair Ideas and Summer Vacation

As I mentioned last week, summertime is a great time to get out and explore the world and learn new things. This week I’d like to talk about a summertime activity that can (1) entertain you and (2) provide you with ideas for super science fair projects. This activity is going to a science museum. […]

Parents and College: Getting the Most Out of Summer Vacation

Summer is my favorite time of year. It is the perfect time of year to really expand your horizons as a student of life. However, it is also the perfect time of year to prepare for your fall science fair projects. One activity that you will have a ball doing that will help you come […]