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How to Use Pinterest as a Science Teaching Tool

The Internet has so many fabulous applications that can be used for teaching kids about science that it can be difficult to keep up with new developments. One of the latest applications to be added to the online repertoire of teaching tools is called (you need to ask for an invite when you get […]

The Roles of the Teacher in the Classroom

Successful Roles of Teacher in the Classroom

A classroom is a social group that is constantly exposed to the educational influences of the school. The students make up a very specific social group that is governed by educational relationships. These relationships are based on the interpersonal relationships between the students but also on the relationship between the students and their teacher. Even […]

Racing car solar kit…

Today is Halloween and it is a day for fun. As you trick or treat your way through the day think about how toys and educational science gifts can be used to create fun educational activities for party days at school. For example, how about solar racing car competitions and races?

Weight and volume activities teach science concepts…

Young Scientists Club Curriculum can be used to explore weight and volume. Learning how to make accurate measurements is a key skill that all students need to learn. These activities will help your students to develop this skill and to apply it to future science projects.

Amphibious solar vehicles and toys…

Some educational science gifts seem more like toys than learning tools. However, every science gift available has the potential to teach something. The amphibious solar vehicle, for example, teaches such science concepts as solar energy, renewable energy, and electricity science concepts.

Bacteria and fungi project ideas for students…

Exploring the realm of bacteria and fungi can take place during any one of a number of science topics. For example, you can be studying microscopic organisms, biology, botany or general science. If you will be teaching a unit on bacteria and fungi you can turn to Young Scientists Club Curriculum for ideas. These kits […]

Fossil science concepts for science students…

Fossils make up one of the most popular lesson plans for science students. Young Scientists Club Curriculum provides teachers with a variety of activities that they can use to enhance their curriculum. These activities include mock fossil digs and skeleton reconstruction projects.