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Biology Lab Tips for Photosynthesis

Biology Lab Tips for Photosynthesis

You can get some biology lab tips for photosynthesis when you read this abstract. Use grasses or other outdoor plants for chromatography. Set up numbered bank of tubes (0-10) using serial dilutions of DPIP if Spec 20 is not available. Students then match their tubes to color standards in tube bank. Place spinach in light […]

Teachers Help Students Find Their Next School Year’s Science Fair Project

Teacher's Help Students Find Inspiration for Next School Year's Science Fair Projects

Your summer is just beginning and it is a great time to find inspiration for helping kids find their next school year’s science fair project. If you are a teacher, today and tomorrow are a great time to think about what sources you can use in the coming school year as an inspiration for your […]

Using Current Events and Science Issues to Connect With Your Students

Science Current Event Issues

One of the biggest challenges that I have found as an educator is connecting with my students. Because I am an authority figure and have a responsibility to keep a professional distance from those I teach, it is hard to find a way to bypass this formality. However, I found that if I demonstrate my […]

Infusing Your Lesson Plan With Science

EP-130 Electronic Project Playground Lab

Creating a lesson plan is the foundation for developing a quality educational program. A great lesson plan needs to meet the three “Es” of teaching, educate, engage and entertain. Lesson plans that do not incorporate all three of these Es are less effective than those that do. Fortunately there are simple and cheap methods that […]

The Science of Poop: Starting a Dialogue

The Science of Poop

While many students may not think much about the science of poop, poop is actually an interesting compound made up of food waste, bacteria and digestive enzymes. Poop’s composition is based on what the animal that produced it ate. Animals that are carnivores or omnivores have poop that has more nitrogen and odor producing molecules […]

How to Use Pinterest as a Science Teaching Tool

The Internet has so many fabulous applications that can be used for teaching kids about science that it can be difficult to keep up with new developments. One of the latest applications to be added to the online repertoire of teaching tools is called (you need to ask for an invite when you get […]

The Roles of the Teacher in the Classroom

Successful Roles of Teacher in the Classroom

A classroom is a social group that is constantly exposed to the educational influences of the school. The students make up a very specific social group that is governed by educational relationships. These relationships are based on the interpersonal relationships between the students but also on the relationship between the students and their teacher. Even […]

Racing car solar kit…

Today is Halloween and it is a day for fun. As you trick or treat your way through the day think about how toys and educational science gifts can be used to create fun educational activities for party days at school. For example, how about solar racing car competitions and races?