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What do you need for science this year?

The countdown to the new school year is almost complete and it is time to make your last minute plans for the new semester. With looming science fair projects and classroom lectures on the horizon you need to gather the resources for your students now.

Teaching electronics concepts in the classroom…

Electronics are all around us. In fact, you cannot go a day without using electronics in one way or another. The reliance that we have on electronics makes electronic scifair projects popular and important. Make sure you have the resources needed for your students to develop winning science fair projects about electronics.

Renewable energy in the classroom…

Renewable energy in the classroom is an essential component of a new science school year. Renewable energy continues to be a hot science topic that students need to understand as they progress through their education. Completing simple projects in the classroom that center around the science behind renewable energy will prepare your students for their […]

Award winning educational science kits…

Finding the best materials for your lessons is essential to being a good teacher. Fortunately, there are many fabulous award winning educational science kits on the market that you can access to enhance your lesson plans. Utilize these kits to make learning fun.

Gearing up for the new science year…

The school year will begin for most of us sometime within the next 30 days. This means that soon lessons for science fair projects will need to be developed. As you close out your summer vacation start thinking about how you can help your students create better projects this year.

Biology Lab Tips for Dissolved Oxygen Lab

  Use LaMotte test kits and extra BOD bottles instead of lab protocol. Once samples are fixed, they can be stored in refrigerator for titration later. Expand study to include natural water bodies (lakes, ponds, etc.). Have students conduct a seasonal study of these water bodies. Remember that science lab kits can be used to […]

Biology Lab Tips for Transpiration

Use house plant if bush beans are not available. Cut plant stems and insert stem into tubing while stem is submerged in a pan of water. This prevents air gaps from forming in xylem vessels. Buy disposable glass pipettes (and reuse). Preparing stem cross section can be optional. Before introducing experiments for biology science fair […]