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Biology Lab Tip for Population Genetics and Evolution

  Invite other students to the lab in order to increase population size. Your student population is a great test population to examine in biology science fair projects.

Molecular Biology Lab Tips

  Borrow electrophoresis equipment. Do demo of electrophoresis. Do simulation of electrophoresis. Use predigested DNA for electrophoresis. Practice your demonstration techniques before helping your students develop their own biology science fair projects.

Biology Lab Tips for Cell Respiration

Use fresh pea seeds.   Placing wet, non-germinated peas in vials seems to cause problems with data. To avoid wetting dry peas, determine the mass, volume and hence density of 100 dry seeds (D=M/V). Throw these peas away and then use 25 new, truly dry peas for vial (V=M/D).     Use Teflon plumbing tape […]

Biology Lab Tips for Photosynthesis

Use grasses or other outdoor plants for chromatography. Set up numbered bank of tubes (0-10) using serial dilutions of DPIP if Spec 20 is not available. Students then match their tubes to color standards in tube bank. Place spinach in light prior to experiment to activate photosystems. Mix DPIP immediately prior to lab. Borrow Spec […]

Lab Tips for Molecular Biology

Use boiling “pearl” onions from grocery store for root squash. (Onion root squash can be optional). Compare and contrast animal and plant mitosis. Now is a great time to conduct food biology science fair projects experiments as ingredients are on sale for the holiday cooking season.

Biology Lab Tips for Enzymes

  Obtain catalase from Sigma. May be stored for years in freezer. Use bakers yeast culture as catalase source. Use liver as catalase source. KMnO4 stains may be cleaned up using H2O2. Use syringes to save time (and money) in volume measurements. Find more tips for biology science fair projects by reading news blurbs and […]

Biology Lab Tips for Osmosis and Diffusion

Use liquid laundry starch or soluble packing pellets in place of soluble starch. Have students tie knots in the dialysis bags instead of using string. Have each group do each solution in order to minimize class data error. Do not use Glucose test tape as it will always test positive in the presence of IKI. […]