Microbiology Water Quality Experiment Kit
Classroom EasyGel Microbiology Water Quality Experiment Kit

Classroom EasyGel Microbiology Water Quality Experiment Kit


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Your students will have fun with this classroom EasyGel microbiology water quality experiment kit



  • 15 Coliscan Easygel
  • 15 Total Count Easygel
  • 30 Easygel Petri Dishes
  • 15 Sterile collection tubes
  • 15 Sterile 3 mL Droppers
  • >Free Teacher's Guide Download
  • Student Worksheet (for duplication)

Product Description
Your students will identify a bacterial group that is tested for in sewage treatment facilities, E.coli and coliforms as well as all bacteria present... using a local water sample.

image of how easy to pour EasyGel® into a plate
EasyGel has pre-sterilized growth media and petri dishes that are ready for your students as you need them for your classroom experiments.
There is no fuss and bother. Just pour the Easygel® into the pre-treated plate and get a sterile gel in 45 minutes!

Astonishing Colisan technology allows your students to instantly see what kinds of bacteria they have collected.

It is easy and simple to count and distinguish the number of E. coli, general coliforms and other bacteria from a water sample. Just count up the color-coded dots on each petri dish.

Up until now scientists were only able to grow their microbes in agar - a gelatinous substance. Unfortunately, agar is not easy to work with, especially for students because agar melts like butter at about 85 degrees C.

Now your students will have pre-sterilized growth media and petri dishes that are ready for them to use anytime you want them to!

In addition the kit includes special media that allows them to distinguish E. coli and coliforms from other bacteria that is present as well as identify bacterial groups that are present in the water. It's especially useful for testing for water quality problems from waste runoff in ponds or lakes, sewage treatment faciliies and your local water.

The comprehensive instructions included in the kit direct you to hundreds of possible experiments.

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100s of experiments are possible...

  1. Determine how the level of bacteria in ponds, lakes and streams are affected by rain fall or storm water run-off? [Half of the water pollution in the United States comes from storm water run-off.]
  2. Is the concentration of bacteria in a water sample affected by oxygen level, pH or temperature?
  3. How long does it take the sun's ultraviolet radiation to sterilize a sample of water? [This inexpensive technique to purify water is being tried in developing countries.]
  4. Does the bacteria in your mouth get into a water bottle when you drink from it? If so, how much? Is it a good idea to share your water bottle with a person or animal? Find out...

Important Information about the Microbiology Water Quality Experiment Kit
Ages 10 and up. Adult supervision recommended.

Does not ship outside the U.S. or to Puerto Rico or Canada

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Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 11 x 9 in


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