Classroom Microbe Safe Grow Microbiology Kit

Classroom Microbe Safe Grow Microbiology Kit


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Product Description
Now your students can safely study microbes by growing Baker's yeast, ( harmless Saccharomyes). This is the same yeast that bakers and you use to make bread or rolls. It is nutritious and edible.

This kit provides an introduction to the microbial world and allows a teachers and their student who have never had experience with microbes, learn about them without danger from materials. It demonstrates the possibility of the presence of growth of unseen microbes that can be in the environment, on hands, on keyboards and doorknobs.

image of how easy to pour EasyGel® into a plate
EasyGel has pre-sterilized growth media and petri dishes that are ready for your students as you need them for your classroom experiments.
There is no fuss and bother. Just pour the Easygel® into the pre-treated plate and get a sterile gel in 45 minutes!

There is no fuss and bother. Just pour the Easygel® into the pre-treated plate and get a sterile gel in 45 minutes!


  • Full Instructions
  • 10 bottles of Easygel® liquid medium
  • 10 pre-treated petri dishes (must be used with the liquid medium)
  • 1 tube containing dehydrated living yeast granules
  • 2 bottles containing 10 mL of diluent
  • 1 sterile 1 mL dropper (calibrated in 0.25 mL units)

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Have a discussion with your students as to what is most contaminated in their school, in their house. Did you know that the most heavily contaminated forms of potentially harmful microbes are toothbrushes? In homes the kitchen sink and its sponges and wash cloths are most contaminated.

Important Information
Ages 10 and up. Adult supervision recommended.

Does not ship outside the U.S. or to Puerto Rico or Canada

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 9 x 9 in


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