Coliscan EasyGel Water Monitoring Kit
Coliscan EasyGel Bottle Label
Coliscan EasyGel Water Monitoring Kit

Coliscan EasyGel Water Monitoring Kit



The Coliscan EasyGel Water Monitoring kit is a E. coli / Coliform growth medium. The medium is used to differentiate E. coli from other coliform bacteria. E. coli colonies will be purple/blue and coliform colonies will be pink/red.

    1 bottle of Coliscan EasyGel and 1 regular treated EasyGel petri-dish will give you the ability to do 1 test. One set will give you the ability to do 10 tests.

    The Coliscan EasyGel must be used with Easygel pretreated petri dishes, which is included.

What is Included in 1 set of the Coliscan EasyGel Watering Kit

  • 10 Bottles of Coliscan EasyGel
  • 10 Pre-treated EasyGel petri-dishes
    Storage Info
    Medium storage: Freeze.
    Medium shelf life: 1 year.
    Dish storage: Room temperature.
    Dish shelf life: 1 year.

    More Information
    General coliforms produce the enzyme galactosidase in lactose fermentation and E. coli produces the enzyme glucuronidase in addition to galactosidase.

    Coliscan takes advantage of these facts to give you a simple, accurate and quantitative way to identify and differentiate coliforms and E. coli (true fecal coliform) from other bacteria in water or other types of samples. This patented method incorporates two special chromogenic substrates which are acted upon by the presence of the enzymes galactosidase and glucuronidase to produce pigments of contrasting colors. All that is needed to identify the presence and numbers of coliforms and E. coli is to add a test sample to the medium, pour it into a petri dish and incubate it at room temperature or at a higher controlled temperature (35 ° C is suggested).

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