Horizon FCJJ-40 Complete Classroom STEM Energy Box

Horizon FCJJ-40 Complete Classroom STEM Energy Box


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Explore the World of Energy!

The Complete Classroom STEM Energy Box combines all the Energy Science kits and modules into one large set for your classroom use. Each of these STEM science kits demonstrates the science behind diverse energy technologies in a fun and tangible way for your students.

Clean energy experts and specialist educators came together to develop high value educational content and teacher manuals that bring renewable energy science activities into the classroom.

The Science Kits Included in the STEM Classroom Energy Box
Fuel Cell & Hydrogen

  • Ethanol Fuel Cell
  • Salt-Water Fuel Cell Kit
  • Micro Fuel Cell Science Kit

Wind & Solar

  • Solar Hydrogen Generation Set
  • Wind Energy Kit

Other Kits

  • Horizon Energy Monitor
  • Thermal Power Science Kit
  • Super Capacitor Science Kit
  • Electric Mobility Science Kit

The Energy Box comes with a comprehensive textbook (or CD) covering renewable energy science experiments, kit manuals, classroom guides, animated flash demonstrations, and teacher notes. Over 100 experiments that are described in the manuals, can be performed using the Horizon Energy Box. Our quality content complements the award-winning educational kits developed over the course of 8 years and sold globally.

FUEL CELL & HYDROGEN ETHANOL FUEL CELL: Miniature power plant where ethanol is the feedstock. The fuel cell uses hydrogen in the ethanol to produce electricity without combustion.


  • Understanding the workings of an ethanol fuel cell
  • Fuel solution can be made with household items
  • pH paper shows change of property of the consumed ethanol fuel

SALT-WATER FUEL CELL KIT: Use a new fuel cell concept based on salt-water and magnesium plates to produce long-lasting electricity that powers a small load. You can use the building blocks of this concept to create and power applications of your own design.


  • Produce power from a salt-water fuel cell system
  • Examine the chemistry behind a salt-water fuel cell solution
  • Fan module serves as a load for electric power being generated

MICRO FUEL CELL SCIENCE KIT: Now that a practical, hydrogen on demand solution has been developed, several kits running on new types of solid hydrogen storage are being developed. HYDROSTIK reversible hydride will cool down as it releases hydrogen into the fuel cell. The process is a model for all micro-fuel cell system designs and can lead to many interesting and creative application ideas.


  • Up to 30 hours of runtime on one full cartridge
  • Develop your own micro-fuel cell application using the elements in this kit
  • Features reversible metal hydride cartridge, discover solid hydrogen storage
  • Easy to integrate and use, compatible with other Horizon science kits

WIND & SOLAR SOLAR HYDROGEN GENERATION SET: Invent your own clean energy applications using fuel cells and renewable hydrogen created with solar energy and water. This set is an optimal tool for inspiration and education in classrooms, as kids get to develop their own applications using a zero-carbon fuel. The kit also comes with a small electric motor and propeller blade as the starting point for motorized applications you can build using your futuristic solar energy storage device.


  • Turn solar energy into hydrogen (chemical) energy
  • Build your own solar powered inventions using a fuel cell
  • Lessons on solar energy, hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysis, and basic electronics

WIND ENERGY KIT: Miniature real-working wind turbine designed for students to evaluate the pitch (angle setting) of the profiled blades. Among dozens of activities, students learn how the blade pitch and number of blades affect the power output of the wind turbine to maximize the output power.


  • Most realistic wind turbine experimentation in a product possible on the market
  • Uniquely designed blade profile based on NASA aeronautics
  • Change the Blade angle from 0-60 degrees
  • Complete Wind Energy Curriculum covering vertical and horizontal axis turbines

ENERGY MONITOR: The Energy Monitor is an educational power-monitoring device with measurement software for graphical display of performance characteristics on your PC. It offers a 2-line LCD screen for viewing measurements that you cycle through at the push of a button. It is designed as an accessory for all kits, useful for all experiments.


  • Compatible on Windows OS, and Mac using Windows Parallel or Boot Camp
  • Compatible with any of STEM science education kits
  • Use indoor or outdoor, with or without a computer
  • Record a video of your experiments for playback and review
  • Ability to export all data to Excel or CSV format

THERMAL POWER SCIENCE KIT: Watch as power is generated as a result of the difference hot and cold water on either side of a special conversion cell. As the temperature evens between the two containers, the power level reduces.


  • Produce power from temperature difference (hot/cold water)
  • Examine the physics of heat exchange and the energy that can be captured
  • LED and fan modules show variance in electric power being generated

SUPER CAPACITOR SCIENCE KIT: With this set you can explore the electrical energy storage specificities of capacitors, as isolated components or as part of a system if connected to other Horizon kits, including with fuel cells, solar cells, or wind turbines.


  • Turn human muscle power into electricity using a hand crank device
  • Measure the storage level using the storage meter
  • Store energy into a capacitor using a hand-crank
  • End-to-end electricity generation, storage and usage cycle
  • Experiments dedicated to energy storage


  • 6 different models can be built with one same chassis
  • Examines the strengths and weaknesses of each solution
  • Includes fixed steering function at front of the vehicle
  • Compatible with all other Horizon kits, for measurement, data logging etc

The Full Kit Contents
1. Hand crank generator
2. Ethanol fuel cell module
3. Reversible fuel cell
4. Salt water fuel cell
5. Multi car chassis
6. Battery pack
7. LED module
8. Mini fuel cell base
9. Potentiometer
10. Super capacitor
11. Water tank base
12. Solar panel
14. Pressure regulator
15. Mini fuel cell
16. Thermo electrical system
17. Rotor Base
18. Blade holder
19. Assembly lock
20. Main body assembly
21. Variable resistor module
22. Base assembly
23. Blade A (3pcs)
24. Blade B (3pcs)
25. Blade C (3pcs)
26. Wind pitch post assembly
27. Spanner
28. Screwdriver
29. Water & oxygen tank
30. Water & hydrogen tank
31. Fuel solution container
32. U locker for HYDROSTIK PRO
33. HYDROSTIK PRO support
34. Syringe
35. Fuel cell base
36. Multi connection base
37. Solar panel support
38. Heavy fan module
39. Fan module
40. Fan blade
41. Ethanol fuel tank with lid
42. Wires
43. Wheel
44. Purging valve
45. Clamp
46. PH paper
47. Silicon tubes
48. Red & black pins
49. Fan blade & wheel adapter
50. Wind pitch post screws
51. Reversible fuel cell
52. Thermometers
53. REM USB cable
54. REM

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