Can I complete a wind turbine science fair project for under $25?

Can I complete a wind turbine science fair project for under $25?

Money concerns are a common issue when students enter a science fair. This concern is usually addressed, however, by the rules of the science fair. These rules will usually put a cap on how much money can be spent on a project. This cap can range between $25 and $100. The reason for capping the amount of money that a student can spend on their science fair project is to ensure that the competition is fair to everyone that is participating in it, despite their financial assets. It also helps to inspire innovativeness and creativity.

When it comes to producing a windmill science fair project there are several costs that will make up your overall project budget. The first components of the project will be the basic supplies that you will need to complete the turn-ins, i.e. the display board and your report. You can expect to pay about $5 for these supplies which will include a foam board, markers, printer paper, printing costs and miscellaneous items.

The second set of costs will relate to the construction of your windmill. Here your costs will need to come in under $20 if you want to stay within your $25 budget, which is going to be difficult. While you can purchase the parts to produce a windmill, which will include wires, a motor, a generator, balsa wood, glue, screws, and miscellaneous parts, your most affordable option is to buy a windmill kit. These kits contain everything that you need to create a windmill generator and can usually be found for under $40, however, your teacher may be able to get the kit for less than this with a bulk or school discount.

Generally it is going to be difficult to produce a quality windmill science fair projects for under $25 if you do not already have a windmill science project kit. If money is an issue that your school may be able to help you to purchase a kit for less than $40 by offering you one of the kits that they purchased in a bulk unit. In this case you may be able to get your windmill kit for about $30 or $35. Another way to reduce the amount of money that you have to invest into your science fair project is to work in a team. Then you can combine your budgets and each contribute $20 to $25 to the final project.

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