What are some cool science fair projects?

What are some cool science fair projects?

Students are always interested in cool new trends in science, and fortunately so are science fair judges. If you want to improve your chances of winning a science fair then try to focus your project on cool science concepts. You can find these concepts by reading through science journals and science news blogs.

Environmental Science News

The first are of science that has been a focus of current science research is indoor air pollution. One of the latest areas of research is on ozone pollution that is accumulating inside of buildings. This is a concern that is most likely the cause of rising rates of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and COPD. Other indoor air pollution concerns include radon, carbon monoxide and toxic fumes. Cool science fair projects that deal with these concerns can experiment with detection, monitoring or air purification systems and sciences.

Biology Science News

Biology is always a popular area of study for cool science fair projects. Popular cool biology projects usually deal with gross biology like slime and poop, or with innovative biological technologies such as the Human Genome Project. If you are looking for a super cool genetics project then think about experimenting with the reverse engineering of modern organisms back into their prehistoric forms. This particular topic is being experimented with by scientists that are trying to activate inactive genes in chickens to make them display prehistoric raptor traits such as teeth, a longer tail and scales instead of feathers.

Industry Science News

Another way to develop a cool science fair project is to focus on solving a problem of industry, such as energy shortages and cost problems. Here cool project will look for solutions to specific industry problems in new and innovative ways. For example, you can develop a cool science fair project that tries to turn household waste into a viable energy source. In this project you can see if you can turn biowaste that is normally flushed down the toilet into a usable fuel source.

Another cool industry science fair project is to focus on solving the problem of industrial pollution, and in particular the problem of the production of greenhouse gases. In this project you can see if there is a way to metabolize these unwanted pollutants into a secondary energy source or another type of consumable. This will help to not only reduce the amount of pollution that is being pumped into the atmosphere, but it may also help to solve energy shortage problems around the globe.

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