Crystals Science Fair Project

Crystals Science Fair Project

Ioana’s crystals science fair project tested to see which of three temperatures would grow the largest and most crystals.

Class: 11H
Bucharest, Romania

I believe that the glass that has been in the fridge will form larger more crystals than the ones that have been on the counter top and ice bath, as the temperature can change in those two.

• Large bowl
• Ice cubes
• Water
• String
• Pencils (3)
• Identical jars (3)
• Cooking pot
• Borax or sodium borate
• Tablespoon
• Plastic wrap

In this science fair project, we will be recrystallizing borax under three different temperature conditions:

  1. In a refrigerator, at room temperature, and in an ice bath.
  2. After one string was tied around each pencil, one pencil was put across the top of the three jars.
  3. Then the water was brought to a boil. Once the water was boiling, the burner was turned off so the water was no longer boiling.
  4. In this time, one tablespoon of borax was added at a time, until no more borax dissolved. For each cup of water was needed about 3 tbsp. of borax. After the borax water was poured in the jars and the pencils put across the top, they were covered with plastic wrap.
  5. One jar was put in the refrigerator, one left undisturbed on a countertop or table at room temperature, and one put in the ice bath you prepared.
  6. The jars were left alone for one night and undisturbed. All of the jars were left to grow their crystals for the same amount of time.
  7. The pencils were removed carefully, one at a time, and then the crystals were ready.

One thing that I observed, was that I put less borax than needed, without several grams, and I believe that this influenced the crystals growth. From my point of view the crystals grew, but not as much as I expected. Also, another thing that I saw during this process was, that on the bottom of the jars were some crystals growing which I collected and noticed after I rinsed the jars.

In my opinion, it is not a difficult project to make, but it requires some attention and time. Also not to forget the miscalculations which can ruin the project and result in not having the final product, the crystals. It is essential to make sure that we have done everything on the list and to pay attention to the amounts needed. I believe that it was an interesting and fun project to make and it was worth waiting for the crystals to grow.

This crystals science fair project needs to be repeated again. The materials list needs to be more specific. There needs to be actual data with numbers reported. I would suggest doing a more difficult project for a 3rd year high school student.

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