New digital science video database ready for teachers and students…

Digital Science Database

The big news today is GEOSET, which is short for Global Education Outreach for Science, Engineering and Technology is a digital science video database. It is a digital library of educational videos that make science, engineering and math more accessible for kids. It is being put together by a professor at the Florida State University named Sir Harold Kroto, who just happens to also be a Noble Prize winner. Read his autobiography, it is inspirational!

The goal of this project is to make science fun for kids by providing them with free access to some of the most entertaining, interesting and cutting-edge science video demonstrations around. These videos come from college students, science professionals and from other educated individuals so they are not your average YouTube science flicks. These quality videos are not only free to watch, but they are also free to download.

Teachers, including homeschool teachers and parents, can utilize this database to enhance the value and timeliness of their science, math and technology curriculum.

This really is an amazing undertaking for both kids and for scientists. This database will undoubtedly provide students and scientists with information and visual demonstrations that will impact the science world for generations to come. Just think if this digital video database had been possible in the eras of early scientists like Galileo and Einstein.

I wonder what we could have learned from their first hand descriptions and demonstrations of the concepts and technologies that they were experimenting with and developing. Unfortunately, we will never know, but we can still learn from modern scientists and science innovators.

Thank you Florida State University and thank you Professor Kroto, we will be forever in your debt. Learn more about GEOSET.

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