Dishwasher Disposal – How To Make Your Household Waste ‘Green’

How To Make Your Garbage Disposal Green

Problems can develop in all areas of our life, inconveniencing us by disrupting our daily routines.

Whilst we may have survived without a number of these appliances in previous years, nowadays many of us would struggle to manage even the most basic of household tasks alone, making these appliances integral components of our home.

When problems occur with these appliances we are left with one simple choice to make: do we repair the damage or do we buy a new appliance?

There are benefits and disadvantages for both options. Repairing dishwasher problems is often cheaper and quicker but purchasing a new appliance could provide us with a better, more energy efficient model.

Of course, where repairs are possible they should always be conducted. The idea of living in a ‘disposable world’ is something which shows a high level of selfishness and has led to us needlessly wasting appliances and products.

Whilst we may not experience the effects of these actions in our lifetime, our relatives and descendants are sure to pay the price for our mistakes, making it vital that we look for ‘green’ ways to repair or dispose of electrical items.


When looking to repair household appliances the first thing you need to do is diagnose the fault. If this is something as small as a blown fuse then you should be able to conduct the repair yourself, otherwise you will need to contact a professional.

Remember that repairs are almost guaranteed to be cheaper than replacing an entire appliance and are therefore a great option. If you are still concerned about the financial implications then you can always invest in a form of breakdown cover for your appliances and household products.

These can be applied to any number of products and can help to offer you financial security in the event that you need to pay for repairs.


If you appliance cannot be repaired then you will need to dispose of it – but how can you do this safely? Landfill sites are reaching their maximum capacities quicker than ever before and this means disposing of your waste in these areas should be avoided.

Instead, use a collection service to have the appliance taken from your home. Numerous retailers and companies offer this service and some may even offer it free of charge. The collected appliances are then recycled and used to create other appliances – helping you to protect the environment.

Leanne Jameson is a regular blogger from London. Dedicated to protecting the environment, Leanne offers advice on how households can become more eco-friendly. Her blogs focus on common dishwasher problems and how they can be addressed in a ‘green’ manner.

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