DIY Science Fair Projects

DIY Science Fair Projects

DIY science fair projects are designed specifically to compliment your level of understanding and your level of scientific expertise. Unfortunately, when many kids approach their science fair projects for the first time they are scared and a little bit intimidated. However, these projects can be a lot of fun if you approach them in the right manner.

To start with don’t look at them like they are something too advanced for your to do. The best part is that they are a valuable learning tool that will gradually provide you with more and more information about your topic.

A good way to make a project less scary is to think of it as (do-it-yourself) DIY science fair projects. To start your project you need to research your topic. This is just like looking for ideas for your project. Next you will need to create your hypothesis, which is just like a statement that explains what the project is. Step three is to figure out what materials you need for your project, like chemicals, test tubes and mechanical devises. Step four is to outline your steps.

Your steps will walk you through the experiment, just like instructions for a home improvement project would walk you through the steps for how to build a table.

Completing your project is just like adding the finishing touches to a home improvement project. You will be making observations about what you did and identifying what you need to do differently the next time you complete the same project.

One of the last steps is to develop a visual display. This display is basically a summary of each step you took to develop and execute your science project.

For more ideas on how to approach your science fair project and for more ideas for science fair projects try visiting the Makezine Blog.

6 thoughts on “DIY Science Fair Projects

  1. dry chemical fire systems says:

    It’s a huge, fabulous event and it provided some of the inspiration for the children who are interested in science and art.

  2. Sav@Home Decorating Ideas says:

    This reminds me of my school days, I used to take part in the science projects held in our academy. They were really enjoyable, you get to learn a lot of practical knowledges during the course of the project. I would rather take it as a game than something scary. We used to make radio broadcast, electro magnets, water fountains and some home security stuffs. It was real fun!

  3. Automatic Fire Suppression Systems says:

    If you want to just have a bit of fun then you can use the experiments as they are. But if you are doing them at school or for a science fair project, you will need to have a read the section below so that you think about things like controls and variables before you carry out the experiment.

  4. Matt@Kitchen Showroom Chicago says:

    I think projects like this are great confidence builders for children. They can take pride in knowing that they built that project from scratch into a nice finished product that they can show off.

  5. Paul@Door Manufacturers says:

    These kind of projects need to be something that creates curiosity and excitement for the kids and they really need not be intimidated as science has always been fascinating.

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