Icebergs in South Carolina?

Finding inspiration for science demonstrations and projects is not always easy to do. It is very easy to fall into a rut and present the same scientific information to classes year after year. However, science is not a stationary subject. It is constantly evolving and scientific truth is always changing. This is why it is so important that you remain current with scientific news, as science news can be a great source for topical information that can be used to supplement and enrich your latest lesson plan.

If you are working on a lesson plan on glaciers, ice age or icebergs then this science news piece will interest you. In 2006 a research team from Coastal Carolina University, located in Conway, South Carolina discovered something very interesting off the coast, iceberg trenches. These trenchers were leftovers from the last Ice Age. They were between 10 and 100 meters wide and were about 10 meters deep. At the ends of these trenches were cul-de-sacs where the icebergs finally came to a stop and then melted into the sea.

This news story is a great tool that you can use to segway into a lesson about glaciers, climatic change, icebergs or local ecology. Using news items like this one is just one way that you can enrich your lesson plans for free. This enrichment will not only make your lesson plans more interesting for your students, but it will also make the information that you present to your students more valuable and usable.

The first science fair supplies that you will need to provide your students with to help them complete their earth science experiments is information.

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