Learn About The Different Aspects of Electricity

Different Aspects of Electricity Science Fair Projects

The science of electricity is exciting, but when developing science fair projects it is easy to turn this interesting topic into a boring demonstration of concepts that millions of students have done before. One of the best ways to create a competitive advantage when developing an electricity science fair project is to focus on the weird factors of electricity.

Projects based upon weird facts and reactions are always popular with science fair judges. Fortunately, electricity has several weird and amazing traits that you can exploit.

  • Electricity and light both travel at the same speed. Develop a project that racing a bolt of electricity with a stream of light. Add complexity to your race track by using insulators and conductors to see if electricity or light is more adaptive when trying to get from point A to point B.
  • Electricity is found in many different forms. From brain impulses to lightning. Develop a project around finding new sources of electricity.
  • Batteries can be made from vegetables and fruits. Develop a project that finds the most electrified produce at your local grocery.
  • A single bolt of lightning has enough electricity to power 200,000 homes. Develop a project around harnessing the power of lightning.
  • The heat from the sun can be turned into electricity.  Develop an innovative project that examines how solar energy and be turned more efficiently into electricity or how solar energy can be used to help schools reduce their energy costs.
  • Several animals are able to emit an electrical charge.  This ability is used to stun prey.  The electric eel, for example, can discharge 650 volts at a time. Develop a project around how animals can do this and determine if this process can be synthesized.
  • Muscle fiber will contract when exposed to electrical charges, even after an animal is dead. Develop a project around this Frankenstein phenomenon.

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