Electrolyte Challenge Science Fair Project Abstract

Electrolyte Challenge Science Fair Project Extract

In the electrolyte challenge science fair project abstract you will find out which dink was best at replacing electrolytes lost through sweat.

Homeschool, 10th Grade
Dublin, GA

In my investigation I tested different drinks to see which one was best at replacing electrolytes lost through sweat. My problem was to see which type of sports drink was best. My second problem was out of water, milk, orange juice, Gatorade, Powerade, and Body Armor which is the best at replenishing electrolytes.

Powerade would be the best since it was newer and therefore had more advances in science and that milk would be the worst because of its high amount of cream.

To begin this experiment, I bought orange juice, Powerade, Gatorade, and Body Armor. I made sure to get all the sports drinks in grape flavor to get them as similar as possible. I then bought two packs of alligator clips to set up the circuit.

I used one set of alligator clips to connect a 9-volt battery to the multimeter and the other set I connected the multimeter to copper wires. I used pliers to bend the ends of the copper wires into a circle. I then slid five inches of a plastic straw into the circles. I used a different straw for each drink. The straws were placed into a glass bowl filed with the drink. I washed out the bowls between tests with soap and warm water. While doing my testing, the orange juice corroded my copper wires. I replaced the copper wire and continued the experiment.

I took the readings in volts and then amps. I then had to plug them into a formula to determine the electrolyte reading. The water read 3.7 micro-amps (µA) and 1 micro volts (µV), equaling 37.5 Siemens (S). The orange juice read 3.98 µA and 1 µV, equaling 3.98 S. the milk read -4.05 µA and 1 µV, equaling -4.05 S. Since it is impossible to have a negative electrolyte reading, it is just zero. The Powerade reading was 38.5 µA and 8.5 µV, equaling 4.53 S. the Gatorade read 24.2 µA and 9 µV, equaling 2.69. Finally, the Bodyarmor read 40.1 µA and 8.5 µV, equaling 4.72 S.

From the data I gathered my first hypothesis was correct. The sports drinks had more electrolytes than the non-sports drinks. My second hypothesis was wrong. I hypothesized that the Powerade would have the most electrolytes but it was actually the second best to Body Armor. Also from the results, I discovered that the milk is the worst drink for electrolyte recovery.

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