MX-906 Electronic Lab

What do robots, light bulbs and computers all have in common? They all use electricity. If you are interested in putting together a science fair project that involves robots, light bulbs or computers, then you first need to explore the science concepts that are related to the generation and application of electricity.

Electricity and electronics are two topics that we all think we understand, at least until we start trying to explain what they are and how they work. If you can’t explain what electronic components will need to be used in your project or how they work, then you need to start by learning about the basics of electronics. One tool/resource that will help you out is the MX-906 130-in-1 Electronic Lab.

One thought on “MX-906 Electronic Lab

  1. Lady says:

    I gave these ideas to my youngest child, she has a mini science fair project for school coming up so thanks for giving her some ideas to stir her brain haha!

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