MX-907 200-in-1 Electronic Lab

There are hundreds of possible electronics science fair projects that you can complete. However, before you can develop an award winning science fair project that utilizes electronics you first need to understand the basic concepts of electronics.

Once these basic concepts are masters, through reading and basic projects, like the ones offered by the MX-907 200-in-1 Electronic Lab, you can apply these concepts to solving a problem. The problems that you try to solve will be revealed by your hypothesis. For example, if you are trying to solve the problem of feeding your dog when you are at school, you can apply electronics to develop a dog feeder that works on a timer.

6 thoughts on “MX-907 200-in-1 Electronic Lab

  1. Home Electronics says:

    I total agree with you in this post. It is important to learn the basics in electronics first.

  2. web hosting says:

    Yes, I am an engineer in an electronics department and it’s true… to build something u must know the basics. it will widen your view of seeing things.

  3. paul@hd camcorders says:

    I am constantly amazed at the ingenuity and curiosity of children. I learn a lot when I do things with my kids. Their ask question have assumptions that I’m blind to. I also just love seeing their eyes light up when they see something for the first time. The magic of electronics is one of them.

  4. Jacques from High definition video camera says:

    This is why a more of application oriented education is needed instead of textbook edu. Cos since childhood if one is exposed to such practical stuffs a lot of such projects can be expected.
    Thanks for the link, its simply superb. First time you get to play with the circuits. Thanks

  5. wallacem-life says:

    45 years ago I made a little board that had a dimmer and a light on it. That was beginnig… I love to see my grand children discover things even now

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