Energy Efficient Home Appliance Systems Science Fair Project Abstract

Energy Efficient Home Appliance System Engineering Science Fair Project

See how to invent an engineering energy efficient appliance system science fair project abstract. Josh did not realize that he was suppose to follow the engineering design process, not the scientific method.

14 years old
Pradesh, India

Purpose of Project/Experiment

The purpose of this project is to save energy as well as electricity. In today’s world energy and electricity consumption is increasing and with this project one can save energy as well as electricity


People usually think that saving energy and electricity is a boring job and there is no outcome of it but my view about this topic is a bit different. I think that if we are saving energy ,we are doing some good to our planet. With the help of this project people would be able to save energy and at same time would to use electrical appliances freely.


In this project electric appliance are energy efficient home appliance, there are some material used which are given below
1-wire- 8 to 10 mm (2 bundles)
3- solar panels
4-home appliances
5-solar batteries


In this project I will connect the solar panels with the solar storage battery and then keep the solar panel in the sun. The solar panel would provide energy to the fan in which dynamos would be attached. The dynamos would provide energy to other appliances. In the night time the energy that would be stored in the solar batteries would give power to the appliances in the same way. By this project an energy and electricity and energy would be saved.

Data conclusion

I can’t say that it is a device as it is a complete system. With the help of this project one can save a large amount of energy.


This idea and project is completely of my own.


Next time I would try to make such a system that would provide more energy. Another project on which I am working is a miniature model of flying and floating car.

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