Engineering Science Fair Project on Indoor Air Quality

Engineering Science Fair Project on Indoor Air Quality

See the engineering science fair project on indoor air quality that you can do in regards to buildings that do not have windows that open.

Name: Divyansh
Grade: 12  Age: 17
New Delhi, INDIA
Category: Environmental Science


  • Selected for Iris (Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science) at the National Level
  • Won the 3rd Prize in D.A.V. Interschool Science Project Competition

    Purpose: We are becoming wealthier and moving towards a consumerist society. The pollution level is alarming because as we are consuming more and more, we are also releasing more and more effluents into the environment. This is overwhelmingly threatening, so we need to wake up!!

    I have taken a very small step in our school so that we pass on to our generations, a clean and safe environment. “It is essentially said that the indoor air pollution is much more than the outdoor air pollution” quoted by Dr. H.B. Mathur at the Centre for Science and Environment. So, i thought of Monitoring Indoor Air Quality. The purpose of this project is to design an air cooler which can help to replace air conditioners and can also improve the indoor air quality.

    On becoming aware of the fact that water vapour is the most important green house gas which contributes to nearly 60% of the total green house gases, we thought of modifying the present desert cooler into an eco-friendly cooler.

    It struck our minds that humidity level in Delhi is going up to a great extent and as a result A/Cs are being used indiscriminately in each and every house leading to power woes. The desert coolers have lost their function in the months of July and August when the humidity level is very high.

    Our ideology aimed at modifying the desert cooler into an eco-friendly cooler that can help to bring the humidity and temperature to the level of thermal comfort. We got started in the month of July,2007 as the humidity in this season is around 90% or even higher.

    Date Relative Humidity
    2nd July 90%
    13th July 95%
    17th July 90%
    18th July 85%
    21st July 63%
    4th Aug 97%
    5th Aug 98%
    11th Aug 82%
    12th Aug 77%
    14th Aug 82%
    When we talk about humidity, it is relative humidity.

    Looking at the alarming scenario, we thought to modify existing desert cooler to suit our climatic conditions so that it could function to provide a comfortable working zone by controlling humidity level.

    While searching for the causes of indoor air pollution, we zeroed down on the following: <
    * Emission of CFCs by A/Cs and refrigerators leading to ozone layer depletion.
    * The release of excessive carbon di-oxide in our homes is also a cause of this pollution

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