Fabric Insulation High School Science Fair Project Abstract

Fabric Insulation High School Science Fair Project Abstract

Which fabric is a better insulator is found out by doing this fabric insulation high school science fair project.

18 years old
Indiana, USA
Which Material Insulated Heat Best?

This experiment is about which material keeps our body heat insulated the best. I’m going to be using jars, thermometer probes and different cloth material.

Hypothesis is that I believe that the wool cotton will be the best insulating heat when compared to wool, wool blend or cotton.

Materials: Vernier thermometer probe, glass jars, different fabrics, and warm tap water.


  1. First poured water into each of the jars covering all of the jars with different fabrics except for one. The one that will not be covered is called the control, to see how much heat it lost compared to the jars that were covered.
  2. Filled the jars with tap water and put them in the microwave to warm them to almost boiling.
  3. Place each warmed jar in one of the socks with the top of the sock folded down to the mouth of the jar.
  4. Insert the Vernier thermometer into each of the 4 jars.

Set Data Collection to 30 minutes taking 60 samples per minute. Place this system on the cold lab table to simulate cold weather and let the LabQuest run and plot as the water gets cold. Use the statistical data from the Lab Quest and record the slope of each linear curve fit, and the correlation of the data collected.

Fabric Insulation High School Science Fair Project Conclusion
I found the natural wool fibers lose heat at a slower rate than water, wool blends, and knit cotton. The best fiber for keeping warm is fabrics made out of wool.

Here is another science fair project with fabrics.

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