What are some really fast science fair projects?

What are some really fast science fair projects?

This is perhaps the most commonly asked question about science fair projects. Most students ask this question because they either have waited until the last minute to complete their project or because they do not want to spend a lot of time working on their project. In either case there is good news, as there are several really fast science fair projects that you can complete in a single day.

Behavior Science Fair Projects

If you are really short on time then a behavior science fair project is a good way to go. For this type of project you will need a test population to study, a control group, a notebook and a writing instrument. To start this project you will want to identify a type of behavior to study, i.e. happiness or depression. You will then need to determine your control group. This group will act as your baseline data set. These individuals will not be manipulated in your project. The test group will be subjected to some sort of stimuli that hypothetically will impact their behavior.

For example, you can see if indoor temperatures impact the activity level of people in your home or apartment. The control experiment will involve making observations about how active people are in the home when the temperature is set at 72 degrees. Then your test experiments will observe how lowering the temperature and raising the temperature inside the home impacts their activity level. If you make observations in one hour increments then you can complete the entire experiment process in just three hours.

Biology Science Fair Projects

If you have a microscope handy then there are several biology science fair projects that you can also complete in just a few hours. For example, you can collect biological samples from around your house to determine what type of bacteria lives on different surfaces. You can also test the germ killing effectiveness of the cleaning supplies that your parents use, such as antibacterial soap and glass cleaner. You can then compare these results to the effectiveness of basic cleaning supplies such as water and vinegar.

Chemical Reaction Science Fair Projects

Chemical reaction science fair projects can also be designed to produce quick results. Baking science fair projects are not only fun, but they can also be completed in a couple of hours. Here the chemical reaction will change the molecular structure of the ingredients used in the recipe. You can hypothesize how altering the recipe will change the physical properties of the baked good, such as by making it denser or lighter or by changing its consistency.

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