The First Step of the Scientific Method Never Dies Video

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The First Step of the Scientific Method Never Dies video is made in connection with the Super Science Fair Enthusiast’s Olympiad. The entry was made by Mas’ab, a 7th grader from the country, Mauritius. This is an entry to the Science Fair Enthusiasts Contest. The words in red critique information in the video and below script.

Below the numbered steps is the script that student spoke on the video.

  1. Observe and then Ask a Question is the first step of the scientific method. My presentation will be all about this step and explaining its role in the scientific method.
  2. Example. The first thing is to observe the changes and everything around you for example: “The freezing point of water is 0 degrees Celsius. You cannot observe the freezing point of water. You may wonder why an ice cube melts when taken outside the freezer. “Next you have to ask questions, for example: “What will the freezing point of water be after adding a compound like salt to it.” You may wonder why adding salt to an ice cube causes the ice cube to melt.

    The above “wonders” are two different observations.

  3. It’s all a cycle. After completing the scientific steps, other questions may come up in later steps and we can decide to repeat the cycle from the beginning again if we want to.

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