FREE DOWNLOAD Proven Ways to Fund Classroom Science Supplies gives you school fundraising ideas that have proven to work.

Teachers, administrators, PTAs and individual parents contributed specific ideas that are in your free download, Proven Ways to Fund Classroom Science Supplies and Science Fair Stuff


Tips From Principals, Teachers, PTA Members and Nonprofit Experts

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This book provides information and tips on how to make money for your school. Teachers, administrators, PTA members, individual parents and experts contributed their strategies that have proven to work.

This past year some schools raised between $10,000 to $23,000 per month! Yes!!! One school raised $23,000 with just one event. Read about it on page 20.

If you are a principal, teacher, parent, belong to a women’s or men’s organization, philanthropist, school volunteer, business man or woman, executive, or educator at heart, and are interested in helping kids have an extraordinary, rich learning experience, this book is for you.

In most places around the world citizens are paying high taxes while services and goods are being reduced. Education seems to be near the top of the list when it comes to budget cutting. Enrichment activities have been drastically reduced unless people live in an affluent area where parents and teachers are able to raise large sums of money through fundraising activities.

There has been a major shift of responsibility when it comes to supplying students with classroom materials. When I went to school our parents only purchased pencils and pens. Everything else was supplied by the school. Now parents have a whole list of items they must purchase.

The purpose of this book is to offer you proven fundraising ideas that have worked in other schools. I encourage you to adapt them to your circumstances while following the rules and guidelines outlined by the governing bodies of your state, county, city, or town.

Fundraising is only one aspect of raising additional monies. Grant writing is another important component of obtaining funds for your school. The book outlines the first steps in making the ask.