Sweet Fruit Juices Effects Teeth Science Fair Project Abstract

Sweet Fruits Juices Effects on Teeth Science Fair Project Abstract

How Sweet Fruits Juices Effects on Teeth Science Fair Project was developed: Often times students find it difficult to come up with an idea for the project. Andriana observed people around her and started wondering….

While looking for a theme for my science project, I thought about all the kids who drink a lot of sweet fruit juices and how that affects their teeth. Since the eggshell is mostly made of calcium, I thought that dipping eggs in different juices would help me find out.

I think the Elderberry and Lemon Juice will make the egg shell weakest, because it contains the most amount of sugar, and I think the water will have the least impact on the egg shell.

-plastic cups
-apple juice
-Sunny D
-faucet water
-elderberry and lemon juice
-measuring cup
-egg tapper
• paint pan
• Plaster of Paris
• a hair spray cap
• 2×4 piece of wood
• a golf ball
• water
• small scraps of wood
• empty plastic container
• metal spoon
• egg


  1. I filled the 20 cups with the liquids and numbered my cups for different experiments. I also made sure that I could tell the difference between my liquids.
  2. Then I put them in the fridge and left them there for a week.
  3. While I was waiting for 1 week to pass I made an Egg Tapper

    Egg Tapper Construction

    a. I made a mixture of 50/50 Plaster of Paris and water, which I mixed in the plastic container. While waiting for the Plaster to set a little I positioned the 2×4 piece of wood to the back of the paint pan, adding the scraps of wood.

    b. I then prepared the hair spray cap: I filled cap with plaster mix and pushed egg into plaster

    c. I positioned the hair spray cap where I wanted it and put plaster mix all over the wood, scraps, and hair spray cap.

    d. I then waited for the plaster to dry. When it was almost dry I took the egg out of the hair spray cap to let it fully dry.

    e. After a week I took the eggs out of the fridge and emptied the cups.

    f. I tapped the egg (I placed each egg in the egg holder, placed the golf ball at the mark on my tapper, and let it roll down to tap the egg. I did this until the egg cracked and recorded the number of taps needed).

Results Click on image to enlarge image of Egg Tapping for Sweet Fruits Juices Effects on Teeth Science Fair Project

Conclusion Even though the Elderberry and Lemon Juice came in second place in making the egg shell the weakest I was wrong: the Apple Juice made the eggshell weakest.

I was also wrong about the liquid that would have the least impact on the egg shell: it was Sprite instead of water.

Summary By doing this experiment, I learned that sugar made the eggshells weaker, so it probably has the same effect on our teeth.

So, this experiment could help others decide to drink less sweet fruit juices.

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