Gearing up for the new school year…

Believe it or not the summer vacation is already almost over. In a couple of short weeks kids will be flocking back to school and starting their new grade level. If your kids will be entering the third grade or above, then chances are that this year they will be asked to create a science fair project.

With just a couple of weeks left in summer vacation, now is the time to jump start your child’s mind again. This warm up will help them to start the year off vibrantly and ready to learn, as opposed to still being in the summer off mode. One way you can warm up your child’s mind is to give them a young scientists club science kit set. These science kits will provide your child with hours of summer time entertainment as well as get them geared up for school.

The benefit of giving your child a science kit is that they can not only use it for fun activities, but they can also use them when they are working on their science fair projects. These kits contain information and equipment to complete several science experiments. Your child can tweak these experiments and utilize the tools to come up with their own experiments and project ideas.

Do you have a science kit that you just love? Well tell us about it. Also if there are really bad kits on the market we would like to hear about those too.

2 thoughts on “Gearing up for the new school year…

  1. mark @la pavoni stradivari espresso machine says:

    Even though kids pretend like they don’t like school, I know that my niece would definitely enjoy something like this because she always gets excited about new stuff, especially if it is science related.

  2. Scott@Chicago Lawyer says:

    My kids are not excited at all about going back to school. It seems like the summer’s seem to just fly by as we get older. Hopefully winter will take it’s time in getting here this year.

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