Gesture Control Car Science Experiment

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Vedanth, an 8th grader from India, designed his own gesture control car science experiment.

I bought the robotic chassis and all the materials separately and programmed my robot. It’s a gesture control car which works by moving the accelerometer. I used Arduino Uno board to program them.

This science project is basically based on our hand movement of gesture. There is a device called accelerometer in the gloves, which sends message to the received board in the robotic car to move to that particular direction. So when we move our hand front side it gets the message and moves front. The robotic car is made up of fabric glass which can be replaced by any other material. There are four motar with wheels fixed in the robotic car. The materials are common and available in electronic shops and can be bought in amazon and other websites.

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    • Madeline Binder says:

      This is a project that you program yourself, so you will need to learn how to code and program yourself.

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