Global Warming Science Fair Project Ideas

Global Warming Science Fair Projects

Global Warming Science Fair Project Ideas gives you various background research information. It makes us think about whether or not global warming is a threat to life.


About 60% of carbon-dioxide has been added after 1950. at least one billion people in the world breath unhealthy air and three million die annually due to air pollution.

As it is mainly caused due to the rise of carbon dioxide and methane due to various reasons specially due to the advancement of science.

Some of the reasons for the increase in global warming over the past years are-:

  • Burning of fossil fuels in automobiles, domestic cooking and heating.
  • Power stations and industries (primarily the chemical, metal and paper industries)
  • Emissions from agricultural machinery like tractors contribute to global warming.
  • Animal husbandry also add to global warming as animals give out methane, a gas that leads to global warming. About 16% of methane released into the atmosphere comes from animals.

It has many effects on the biodiversity in which we all are included. Some of them are:

  • The glaciers and many mountains are melting which may result in flood.
  • Due to global warming many areas are likely to face droughts.
  • Cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes are acting with more strength.
  • Many small islands are now likely to disappear with the increase in global warming.

  • Control:
    Global warming cannot be stooped but definitely it can be controlled and by only some of the easy steps. Some of them are:

    • Use cfl instead of a bulb.
    • Plant more and more trees.
    • Using natural gas instead of petrol and diesel for transportation.
    • Use LPG instead of coal etc.

    We are thankful to our district coordinator for guiding us. We are also thankful to our principal for giving us a chance to make this project. We are also grateful to our guide teacher for guiding us and helping us in the completion of this project. Last but not the least I am highly grateful to my group members for helping, cooperating and supporting me at every step.

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