What is a good science fair project for an 8th grader?

What is a good science fair project for an 8th grader?

Finding a good project for a science fair is not always easy to do. This is because the project not only has to be generally interesting and innovative, but it also has to be grade appropriate or better. This means that turning in a project that deals with fifth grade science concepts is generally not a good idea for an 8th grader.

8th Grade Science Fair Project Idea #1 – Magnetic Field vs. Vegetable Growth

The first project that is appropriate for an 8th grader is to examine the impact of magnetic fields on vegetable growth and development. Here garden vegetables such as radishes, beans and peas can be used as the test subjects.

The student will need to set up a control group, which will be the garden plant that has not been subjected to abnormal magnetic fields, and test groups which will be subjected to magnetic fields. A simple version of this project will use only one test experiment group while a more complex version will set up several test populations and it will subject each test group to a different strength of magnetic field.

8th Grade Science Fair Project Idea #2 – Charged Up Fruits

In this science fair project students will be determining which fruit offers the highest electrical current. To complete this project the student will need a variety of fruits and a volt meter. They will set up the experiment to mimic the potato battery experiment, but with fruit instead of the potato. Voltage can be tested and compared.

8th Grade Science Fair Project Idea #3 – Fruit Fly Sex Ratios and Incubation Temperature

Students that are interested in biology can experiment with fruit flies which have extremely short life cycles. This allows them to test multiple generations in just a single week. Here the experiment will focus on how the incubation temperature of fruit flies will impact the sex ratios that are produced in each generation. The goal of this project will be to determine if temperature impacts sex ratios or if it does not. This particular project can be modified to test other factors related to sex ratios such as the presence of toxins, gas ratios and UV exposure.

8th Grade Science Fair Project Idea #4 – Geoslide

8th graders that are interested in geology can try out this project which focuses on the factors that contribute to a landslide. Here the factors that can be manipulated include slope, soil saturation, and seismic activity. The goal here will be to identify which factor has the greatest impact on landslide vulnerability or to determine if there is a relationship between the factors.

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