Is it Affect or Effect?

Affect vs Effect????

Questions: Hi Madeline, I have an important question…My science fair project is due on Tuesday! How should I word my problem?…Does the color of a birdfeeder affect the amount of birdseed eaten by birds? OR Does the color of a birdfeeder effect the amount of birdseed eaten by birds? affect or effect? I just don’t know!! HELP!! Amy G.

Answer: It’s EFFECT in this instance. The color of the bird feeder effects the amount of birdseed eaten by birds.
The effect of a colored bird feeder is to attract birds to the bird feeder.

Explanation: The majority of the time you will use AFFECT as a tr. verb or noun. Example: To have an influence on or effect a change in.

EFFECT is also a noun and is something brought about by a cause or agent; a result
Example: The drug had an immediate effect on the pain. The government’s action had no effect on the trade imbalance.

AFFECT means “to influence, impress, touch, move, strike”
EFFECT means “the result”

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7 thoughts on “Is it Affect or Effect?

  1. Alex@birdfeeders squirrel proof says:

    I’ve always struggled with this element of grammar. I would say “Does the color of a birdfeeder affect the amount of birdseed eaten by birds?” since you’re looking to test whether the colour (I’m from the UK) influences the outcome.

  2. Hannah says:

    Does the Coffee stain on the shirt affect the color?
    or Does the Coffee stain on the shirt effect the color?

    • sunshine says:

      The coffe stain on the shirt effect the color – effect is the result of something happening.
      Affect is a feeling. I think!+*^%:-)

  3. Tim@pest control prices says:

    ahh… tricky little English word plays like this always get me. Same thing happens with who or whom.

  4. shane@Grammar phrasal verbs says:

    wow its really nicely explain the difference between the effect and affect since i always confuse between the where affect use and where effect use.

  5. Brian@honeycomb panels says:

    Grammar shows the taste and personality of the person that is presenting something, and affect and effect creates something very difficult situation for the people. As effect and affect have a huge difference in the meaning sometime it can completely reverses the theme that you want to display and destroys your every effort. Examples used here to explain affect or effect are very nice and from here it is easy for anyone to correct his sense of humor.

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